Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende met with Romanias foreign minister Titus Corlatean in Bucuresti in May 2014.  . 
Photo: Frode Overland Andersen/UD.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende met with Romanias foreign minister Titus Corlatean in Bucuresti in May 2014. . Photo: Frode Overland Andersen/UD

Business development, research, energy and justice and home affairs will be key areas for cooperation between Norway and Romania over the next few years. Through the EEA and Norway Grants, EUR 502.5 million has been allocated to 12 programmes. The MoU with Romania is the first of a series of MoUs to be signed with the 15 beneficiary countries on the use of grants amounting to EUR 2.8 billion.

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Colombias president Juan Manuel Santos held a speech during the peace talks between the Colombian governement and FARC in June this year. . 
Photo: Kristin Enstad, UD.

‘It is very good news that the Colombian Government and the guerrilla group ELN have now set a date for starting formal negotiations. It will not be possible to reach a comprehensive peace settlement in Colombia unless the ELN are also on board,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

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Columbias president Juan Manuel Santos won this years Nobel Peace Prize. . 
Photo: UN Photo/Mark Garten.

‘I would like to congratulate this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

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A mom and her newborn baby at the Maternal & Child Health Training Institute for medically needy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Maternal mortality remains a very serious concern in Asia and the Pacific – especially in South and South-West Asia, which has one third of the world’s maternal deaths. . 
Photo: UN Photo/Kibae Park.

‘The Government proposes an allocation of more than NOK 3 billion to global health in next year’s budget. This will mean that, in the current parliamentary term, we will have increased our funding for this area by NOK 600 million. Our direct support to UNAids and the World Health Organization, which amounts to NOK 300 million, comes in addition to this. The increased allocation reflects the fac...

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‘The humanitarian crisis in parts of Nigeria and the areas around Lake Chad is having a severe impact on an already impoverished population. The Government is now increasing its aid to the region by NOK 20 million,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

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Skal du reise i eller flytte til De forente arabiske emirater, Kuwait eller Qatar?

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Primary School Classroom, Ethiopia. . 
Photo: Primary School Classroom, Ethiopia, .

The Government is delivering on its promise to double support for global education. ‘We propose a record high allocation of NOK 3.4 billion for aid for education in 2017. There are 263 million children and young people who do not go to school because of conflict or poverty. The world is on the brink of a global education crisis. We cannot afford to let this happen,’ said Minister of Foreign...

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STRONG COMMITMENT: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Børge Brende, visited Afghanistan February 2014, where he met with former Afghani Foreign Minister Mr Zarar Ahmad Moqbel. 
Photo: Frode Overland Andersen/UD.

‘Norway is a long-term partner for Afghanistan. We intend to maintain our current level of aid to the country, approximately NOK 700 million a year, in the period 2017 to 2020,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. Mr Brende announced Norway’s contribution at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan today.

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Ambassaden tilbyr et seks måneders praktikantopphold for en student våren 2017. Søknadsfrist: 16. oktober 2016.

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